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Phyllosticta cordylinophila

Phyllosticta cordylinophila P.A. Young, Bulletin of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii 19: 133. 1925.

Index Fungorum: IF195273; Facesoffungi: FoFxxxxx; MycoBank: MB195273.

Pathogenic on leaf spot of Cordyline fruticosa. Sexual morph: Unknown. Asexual morph: Conidiomata (on PNA) up to 200 μm diam., pycnidial, solitary, black, erumpent, globose, exuding colourless to opaque conidial masses. Peridium up to 40 μm thick; composed of 3–6 layers of textura angularis, inner wall of hyaline textura angularis. Ostiole up to 20 μm diam., central. Conidiophores 10–20 × 4–6 μm, subcylindrical to ampulliform, reduced to conidiogenous cells, or with 1 supporting cell, at times branched at base. Conidiogenous cells 10–17 × 3–6 μm, terminal, subcylindrical, hyaline, smooth, coated in a mucoid layer, proliferating several times percurrently near apex. Conidia (10–)11–13(–15) × 7–8(–11) μm, solitary, hyaline, aseptate, thin and smooth walled, coarsely guttulate, or with a single large central guttule, ellipsoid to obovoid, tapering towards a narrow truncate base, 2–3 μm diam., enclosed in a thin, persistent mucoid sheath, 1–2 μm thick, and bearing a hyaline, apical mucoid appendage, (10–)20–35(–40) × 2(–3) μm, flexible, unbranched, tapering towards an acutely rounded tip.

Culture characteristics: Colonies spreading, erumpent, with sparse aerial mycelium and even, smooth margins. On MEA surface pale olivaceous-grey in centre, dirty white in outer region, reverse iron-grey; on OA olivaceous-grey; on PDA olivaceous-grey on surface and reverse.

Representative isolate: Thailand, Chiang Rai, Nang lae, Pasang, on leaf spot of Cordyline fruticosa, Nov. 2011, S. Wikee, neotype CBS H-21391, CPC 20261 = WK024 = CBS 136244 = MBT176245 (ex-neotype culture). Japan, Kagoshima, Amami-Ohshima, Amagi, on C. fruticosa, 22 Oct. 2003, Y. Ono & T. Kobayashi, MUCCJ 521 = CPC 21880 = CBS 136072 (ex-type culture).

Hosts: Cordyline fruticosa, C. fruticosa (Wikee et al. 2013).

Known distribution: Thailand, Japan (Wikee et al. 2013).

GenBank Numbers: ITS - KF170287, LSU - KF206242, TEF - KF289172, ACT - KF289295, GPDH - KF289076.

Notes: The collection of Wikee et al. (2013) match the morphology of the original species description of this species [conidia ellipsoid to ovoid, 7–12(–15) × 5–7.5(–8) μm], and designated one specimen as neotype.


Wikee S, Lombard L, Nakashima C, Motohashi K, Chukeatirote E, Cheewangkoon R, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Crous PW (2013) A phylogenetic re-evaluation of Phyllosticta (Botryosphaeriales). Studies in Mycology 76: 1–29.


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